Creativity and Planning

I know, they sound like they don’t coexist.

There’s a stigma thats attached to “creatives”. Most of the times you’ll hear phrases like “they only function under the gun”, or ” I do my best work under pressure.”

I feel that the the procrastination epidemic in the creative world is both stereotypical as well as cop-out related.

Most “administrative” types look at creatives as not being able to hit a deadline…most “creatives” usually say things like ” you can’t time-clock creativity.”

I have found in all my reading and experience, that the best creativity comes from my planning. I realize that sounds a little oxy-moronic in a way. The idea that planning can create creativity is counter-intuitive. But think about the best things that ARE created. You think the iPad or the iPhone came into being on a late-night whim of procrastination? No it was months and months of working through design, form and function that led to the device I’m posting this on. You think one of Mozart’s symphonies was purly created out of a deadline to a performance?

True artistic creating takes time….and in today’s society of non-stop going…it takes planning. For my administrative friends…you can’t box in creatives. I recently sat at a conference and a very well-respected teacher was speaking, and I know his content was second-to-none. However, in the middle of his speech, my brain started following a creative thought that will be a major player in weeks to come….you cant time-stamp or time-card creativity…you learn to take it as it comes and welcome the result.

To my creative friends…..don’t fall into the trap of procrastination. I promise you, that you do great work under pressure, but I also know that you can do better work when you’re not stressed. If you take your best accomplishment, and add time for planning and execution at a healthy level, I promise the work would be better and your life would be healthier. Don’t let someone box you in and tell you that if you’re going to do truly creative work, it must be late in the night and against a hard deadline. I promise if you plan, and manage your time, your work will be stronger, deeper, better, and your life will be healthier, and that will show in your work.


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